Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Story behind the Successor part 1

The Story behind the Successor part 1

By: NfH HumBleina


By chances I attended World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur 2013. To be present with those among successor was not across my mind. I am lucky!!!

I feel wise though I am just nobody. Most of them were among professors highly intellect and educated person, CEOs of immense organizations and even the former Prime Minister of Sweden (Mr. Goran Persson). Not to forget the innovators from all around the world with creatively amazing ideas.

There are few plenary that attract me much. This is about the story behind the successor!!!

>Sustainable Innovative by Mr. Mark Gallagher<

Mr. Mark was well known is his area Formula One (F1). To be honest I did not know him. I am not interested with F1!!! But after listen to his lecture, I probably will watch F1. At beginning his speech he pointed out what to do with sustainable in F1??? It seems the organizer had chosen the wrong person to talk about sustainable…

The audiences have big laughed so do I, when he showed the early car of F1 car. To illustrate, the car from my eyes looks like a figure of banana car. This is what I am thinking and why I laughed. The car totally archaic to compare with what we have now.

The engine of early F1 car was placed in front. Afterward, the engine has been shifted behind to maximize the speed. For this idea, they won several races in F1 championship. The idea was innovated by a man who just worked out from his garage (Sorry,I forgot his name). Mr. Mark mentioned that most of expensive car like Lamborghini or Ferrari has engine behind so that it will be really perform at accelerate. 

When the car goes too fast, it turns to be an airplane. It wants to fly!!! So they, the F1 team face problems on how to avoid the car from fly up to the sky. Then, they came out with ideas to use aerodynamic system to let the car on ground. They use basic principle ideas from vacuum cleaner to suck the car on ground and prevent it from fly higher.

The most impressive part about F1 car is the pit stop. I will always remember this best quotation from Mr. Mark:

“We are dealing with delivery”
>Mark Gallagher<

He told us about the story on how they achieved only about less than 3 second at pit stop to change four tyres at one shot. I could not imagine on how they able to do this within that shortest time. It is truly amazing!!!

The man who stands in front who stops the car said “you’re going to kill me, to make less 3 second pit stop, this is ridiculous. I am standing in front of Luis Hamilton who drives at 300km/hours (185mph)!!!”

Surprisingly they managed to make less than 3 second pit stop just by using simple basic principle. They designed device that can be screw to the sides so that the man who stop the car no longer have to stand in front when stop the car.

Looks on how they appreciate time. Every single second is precious!!! This is why Mr. Mark stressed on delivery; there is no time for waiting or delaying. Just to compare and to disparage especially to myself and for all of us who really loves in delaying works. Comes on wakes up!!! The Quranic verses mentioned and warn about this too long times ago;

“BY TIME through the ages, truly man is in state of LOST”
>Sura al-As’r: verse: 1-2<

The successors realized this; the loser does not really care about this!!! The ball is in your hand. Choose, to be a successor or to be a loser???

Mr. Mark and his team invented many new devices through problems occurs during the races. One of the devices is push button with tube that connected to the driver which allows the driver to drink while drive at even 300km/hour. They designed this device because of the hot weather at Sepang Circuit. According to Mr. Mark the hot weather dehydrate the driver along the race. It possibly cause about 2-3 kilos lost to the driver at once race. This is miraculous. We even took more than one month to cut down 1 kilo of weight. I wish I could drive the F1 car to reduce my weight at shortest time (he…he…he >_<).

Accident and car crushing is the most critical issues in F1. Through out the F1 championships, there are lots of injuries and deaths happen to the drivers. Mr. Mark and his team hardly brainstorm on how to cure this.He also mentioned there is approximately 3650 of car crash over the world everyday with may be at only lowest speed 50km/h. So, “How we are going to save life when crush about 300km/h speed?” Therefore, many researches had been discovered to prevent this. By using self-destruct techniques, the F1 car absorb high impact of crushing and allows the driver to be save. Thanks to this discovery. Today, most of our cars use this F1 technology to prevent road accident become disaster.

In early 80’s, (if I not mistaken) F1 car raised it most tremendous technology through innovation. Mr. Mark claimed that the technology that we use today in F1 is out – dated!!! This is because, during that 80’s they already discovered on how to motorize the car without the driver. Means everything is computerized. “We no longer need the driver”. However, as F1 is part of sport, they prohibit this. They make a clause which not allow any use of computerized F1 car. Luckily, if not, we may have no chances to get know who is David Coulthard, Michael Schumacher, Luis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel…: P

Other significant things about F1 car is it will power by using electric energy. This will allow about 40% cut of using fuel. It will be more environments friendly. To reach that, the team faces another problem. For very long race, how could the battery stand alive??? We may be thinking too intricate on how we are going to make the battery long lasting.

“For every complex problem, there is a simple solution…”
>John Byrne<

The key is KISS!!! Keep it simple sweet. They use basic concept of dynamo’s bicycle, innovate and reinvent it to sophisticated technology which possibly give durability to the battery .The battery always be recharge through turbine power by the dynamo. So there is no need for the car to stop for about 4 hour just to recharge. Simply brilliant!!! ^_^ Mr. Mark also announced that by 2014, they will have new F1 championship which calls Formula-e (F1 car race powered by electricity).

What is to do F1 with sustainable??? From our eyes, it is not more than a car race. But look into deeper; there are many developments in F1 that influence our life. Car crushing and energy efficiency bring something to the effects of the term so called “sustainable life”…

“Innovation emerges through problems. It appears from difficulty. Challenging us!!!  Allow man to discover new things. With innovation we generate better life. The future, we Desire…”
>NfH HumBleina<

NfH HumBleina
15 Muharam 1435/ 19 Nov 2013


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jangan cepat sangat melompat!!!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Berpesan-pesan kepada diri sendiri:

Kesabaran itu tinggi nilainya...
Mungkin mudah untuk menyatakan “sabarlah...”
Namun,bukan mudah untuk diungkapkan melalui perbuatan..
Saya pernah ditegur: “sebelum apa-apa selidiklah dulu..”

Jadi,berfikir sebelum bertindak itu perlu...Ayuh, jangan cepat sangat melompat!!!

Kadang-kadang kita cepat melatah, bila mana terasa dipermainankan..

“It is youR right to defend yourself. True!!!Nothing is wrong with this...”

Terima kasih buat yang mengkritik...

“Sahabat yang baik adalah yang jujur berkata-kata, yang berani mengkritik untuk kebaikan kita...Bukan yang memuji-muji sekadar mengambil hati...”

Kritikan itu perlu.Perlu demi memperbaiki diri...
Berpesan –pesan kepada diri sendiri  ;)

Bersabarlah, tidak rugi bersabar malah ada ganjaran di atas setiap KESABARAN.
Ya Allah, kurniakanku dengan kecekalan dan kesabaran hati...

...And be patient and persevering, for Allah is with those who patiently persevere. (Holy Qur'an, 8: 46)

NfH HumBleina
1o Zulhijjah 1434H/15Oktober 2013

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Oh Architect..Oh Designer...

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Berpesan-pesan kepada diri sendiri...
Dalam mencari keredhaan Ilahi...

Akitek/Designer jangan pernah mudah berbangga dengan diri sendiri!!!!!

Always remember this basic principle of design>>>

"Design with function. Function first, not image not aesthetic..and not for showing off..."

Grateful to Allah that give inspirational thought, an idea to develop from imagination to creation(structural building & etc).

Grateful to Allah that give us good imagination...

Begin with dream, ending with real..

Jangan pernah mudah berbangga kerana:

“sedikit saja riya’ adalah syirik!!!”
7 Zulkaedah 1434 /13 Sept 2013

Friday, 6 September 2013

A mind is like parachute

open minded>>>critique>>>speak out

Orang Melayu budi bahasanya memang tinggi
Manis gula..manis lagi mulutnya...
Terkadang walaupun tidak bersetuju tetap menelan
Tidak berani bersuara..
Lebih malang bila dibelakang habis dibuka tembelang...

Berkata benar biarpun pahit..

Jujurlah pada diri

"We tend to concern about others perception..."
Should we???
May be yes...may be no...Depend..hmmmm...

Seseorang yang berpelajaran seharusnya mampu berfikiran terbuka...
Berani bersuara dan harus juga berani menerima kritikan serta pandangan dari orang yang tidak seteru...

Masing-masing ada pegangan
Percayalah kepada apa yang kita yakini benar
Lihat kritikan dari sudut yang positif...POSITIF>>HUSNUZON<<
<berpesan-pesan kepada diri sendiri>

Jika saya salah, betulkan saya...
Berusaha untuk sentiasa menjadi terbaik setiap hari

Dari Abdullah bin Amr r.a, Rasulullah saw bersabda:
"Sampaikan pesanku biarpun satu ayat"

"Beruntunglah orang yang hari ini lebih baik dari semalam, terpedayalah orang yang hari ini sama seperti semalam, dan celakalah orang yang hari ini lebih buruk dari semalam"

Hiasi hari ini sebaik-baiknya kerana mungkin esok belum pasti milik kita, sedangkan semalam telah pergi buat selama-lamanya...

6 Sept 2013/30 Syawal 1434

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Inamal a'malu Binniyat

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

...actions are dependent upon theirs intentions...

Niat itu datangnya dari hati yang tulus suci..yang ikhlas..without doubt certainly!!!
Saya sentiasa yakin bahawa niat yang baik itu akan sentiasa dimudahkan jalannya oleh yang Maha Esa.

Merenung sejenak..
Pernah saya berniat untuk bekerja di kampung halaman..
Niatnya hanya satu..Saya ingin menjaga dan menemani arwah emak...
Hati rasa sayu sebab arwah selalu mengadu sunyi di rumah.
Katanya jika bapak tiada di rumah tatkala hujan guruh, arwah akan lari menumpang rumah jiran kerana 
takut..Kesian arwah mak...sedih hati mendengar..
Walaupun ramai yang berminat untuk bekerja di bandar-bandar besar...
umumnya Kuala Lumpur.Gaji besar,hidup mewah bergaya...
Saya rela bekerja di kampung...gaji kecik???Bukan masalah....For me:

"Money is something..but its not everything"

Ya Allah..
Benarlah Inamal a'malu Binniyat..tidak pernah saya terfikir...Hebatnya kuasa niat..
Selepas seminggu Konvokesyen, saya mendapat tawaran bekerja di sebuah firm arkitek..
yang mana lokasinya sangat laa dekat dengan rumah..Even lunch break I'm able to go back home..
Saya bukanlah pelajar yang hebat semasa belajar..malah mungkin pensyarah pun tidak kenal..
Sewaktu interview di firm yang menerima saya bekerja, saya dihentam teruk kerana working drawing saya memang hancuss..Peliknya..the firm still accept me..wondering???
*Saya yakin dan pasti berkatnya niat untuk menjaga arwah emak yang memudahkan rasa mendapat kerja*

Setelah hampir 2 tahun saya bekerja di firm berkenan..
Arwah emak meninggalkan dunia yang fanna ini..
Waktu yang sukar setelah ketiadaan emak.Haru-biru..Kalut!!!
Everythings turns up side down...Chaotic!!!
I had resigned..
and be as unemployed graduate for about 6 months..
Hikmah yang mana baru sekarang saya sedar....
thats 6 months is actually time for me to have a good rest since after a week of graduation day,
I already worked..no time for short break indeed...

Allah knows the best..
Again miracle of niyat..
I got offered as Architecture Lecturer at private college after having long vacation with titled unemployed graduate..hmmm amazing... ^_^
An unemployed graduate like me was accepted in such well known college..
again..I'm wondering???

*Saya yakin dan saya pasti semuanya kerana niat yang baik akan sentiasa dipermudahkan*

Memang saya bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang pendidik..
Saya berniat untuk berkongsi ilmu..sungguhpun ilmu yang saya ada itu bak setitik air di lautan saja...
Bekerja di firm itu..niatnya untuk mencari pengalaman secara praktikal..agar saya boleh berkongsi pengetahuan hakikat dunia pekerjaan sebenar...
Cita-cita saya menjadi pendidik didorong oleh Hadith RasulluAllah saw:

" Apabila matinya anak Adam, putuslah semua amalannya kecuali 3 perkara
  sedekah jariah, ilmu yang bermanafaat kepada orang lain dan doa-doa anak yang soleh"

<Hadith Sahih-Riwayat Muslim>
Ilmu itu tinggi darjatnya...

"Applied knowledge is powerful"
Ilmu tanpa amal tidak akan ke mana~~~

Niat itu murni...dan Allah telah memudahkan segala-galanya buat saya..
Alhamdulilah ya Allah..

...actions are dependent upon theirs intentions...

Setelah 6 bulan menjadi pensyarah di kolej swasta, saya menerima tawaran untuk bekerja di Kolej Komuniti Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia..
Yang menariknya..seingat saya..saya mengisi borang untuk jawatan tersebut hampir 2 tahun yang lalu sesudah saya tamat pengajian...
After 2 years...and I almost forget that I used to apply for that position!!!

Niat itu ikhlas.
Saya rasakan bahawa 6 bulan berada di kolej swasta itu seperti praktikal..kerana saya tidak mempunyai
latar belakang dalam bidang pendidikan..
It is really good exposure to education system..Its seems that I went for short course training.
Berat hati untuk meninggalkan pelajar tetapi..
untuk masa depan yang lebih pasti tawaran bekerja di IPTA itu tidak harus ditolak...

Hikmahnya niat..
Turn back around..Barulah saya sedar betapa hebatnya kuasa niat..
Patutlah niat merupakan syarat wajib untuk setiap ibadat
Nak solat kena niat..nak puasa pun kena niat...
Niat itu WAJIB. A must. Compulsory!!!

"Every single deeds comes from sincerity of heart"

Niat itu kesungguhan hati tanpa dipaksa-paksa
Niat itu ikhlas..
Niatlah kepada sesuatu yang baik..
InsyaAllah niat yang baik itu sentiasa dimudahkan jalannya...
Hebatnya kuasa niat..

Inamal a'malu Binniyat
Diriwayatkan oleh Amirul Mukminin>>Ketua orang Beriman<<
>>>Omar al-Khattab@Abu Hafsh(Bapa Singa)<<<

24 Syawal 1434/1 Sept 2013

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The exact ENEMY is youself!!!

Kadang-kadang saya selalu terfikir...
Kenapa bila kita berazam untuk menjadi baik, pasti akan ada halangan??Kenapa???
Yang baik itu tinggi darjatnya, yang tak baik itu rendah martabatnya..
Bukan senang nak jadi senang..

Tapi yang lagi senang itu adalah menyalahkan orang lain~~~

>>>Pointing to others for any occurence happen to you<<< Really easy!!!

Mencari jawapan kenapa yang baik itu sukar????Sukar lagi mencabar.
Ternyata saya tiada jawapan untuk itu..

Namun saya yakin yang menjadi penghalang itu, tidak lain tidak bukan..
Sayalah orangnya..Saya!!!Bukan siapa-siapa...

It is you who the exact ENEMY to youself..Agree???

Yang melakukan segala perbuatan samada baik atau jahat itu adalah kita diri sendiri..
Yang tidak mahu berusaha untuk maju itu adalah kita diri sendiri...

Tiada sesiapa yang menyuruh apatah lagi memaksa.
Pilihan itu ditangan kita..Pilihlah yang sebaiknya. ^_^

Tepuk dada tanyalah hati..hati nurani yang kudusss...

"I'm the one who takes my first and my last breathe,
there is no ways to ask others to do that for myself"

Berdoa untuk hari-hari yang lebih cemerlang dalam setiap detik kehidupan ini.
Yang kanan atau yang kiri???Pilihlah sendiri...

To be the companions of the right or to be the companions of the left???
(al-Waqiah>>>the Occurance)

15 Syawal 1434/22Aug 2013